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Damien Mahoney from Stackla

Damien Mahoney from Stackla

Hi, and welcome to day one, the podcast for regional startups and the organisations that support Australian entrepreneurship. Welcome to day one is brought to you by the city of Newcastle and Newihub. Newihub is a growing and vibrant community of Newcastle's startups...

Antony Martin from Hone

Antony Martin from Hone

Hello and welcome to a new episode of Welcome to Day One, the podcast for Aussie founders, startups & the organisations that support Australian entrepreneurship. Welcome to Day One is brought to you by the City of Newcastle's brand new innovation platform,...

Mike McKiernan from Deckee

Mike McKiernan from Deckee

Hi, and welcome to day one, the podcast for regional startups and the organisations that support Australian entrepreneurship. Welcome to day one is brought to you by the city of Newcastle. The City of Newcastle is a big supporter of entrepreneurship in our region and...

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Listen on Apple Podcasts