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The challenge

As much as we love producing and sharing these stories, they take a lot of time. We can see the value for the ecosystem but we can’t keep producing them for free. 

What we do

Since 2018 we’ve been spotlighting Australian founders and featuring the organisations that support Australian startups.

How we help

  • We are documenting the Australia startup scene.
  • Creating audio case studies to showcase your successes.

The offer

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What you’ll get

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I’ve never seen someone pull together audio clips with this level of clarity and logic, it really is top-notch work.

Murray Hurps

Director of Entrepreneurship, UTS

Sponsor Mockups

Finally, the stories of regional founders and their supporters can be shared to a far wider audience. What makes this series so interesting is not just the story behind the founder (produced masterfully by the podcast’s founder Adam Spencer), or the common challenges between founders based in regions to their city counterparts.

Rather, it is the connectedness of a founder to their business because of their regionality and the added tenacity they must demonstrate to overcome not being embedded in a dense ecosystem.

These are the stories of the founders with bonus features! And their numbers are on the rise.

It’s important their stories are told so that other regional founders know they are part of a shared experience.

Welcome to Day One is a crucial platform to deliver these stories.

Siobhan Curran

Manager, Integrated Innovation Network, Newcastle University

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